How can I or my A.A. Group be of Service?

There are several ways that you or your group can help:

  • By contributing financially to the Intergroup on a regular basis.  No matter how small, every contribution helps.  Contributions cover the cost of the phone rental and calls and for pamphlets etc to be sent out if required.
  • Be a volunteer on a roster basis to answer 12th step calls that would be diverted to your phone number (Phone Roster Volunteer Form) (Phone Roster Vol Info sheet 2017 pdf version for download)
  • Be available to undertake 12th step calls referred to you by the phone volunteers (Twelfth Step Volunteer Form) (12 stepRoster volunteer pdf version for download)
  • See that your group has a voice at the quarterly Intergroup Representatives meeting
  • Help your fellow members know about the many service opportunities that exist to carry the message.  (Your Area provides lots of service opportunities)